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  2. PURPOSE: The purpose of the Association shall be to develop and enact programs to enhance the integrity, beauty, and quality of life of the University Farm neighborhood.
  3. BOUNDARIES: University Farm neighborhood is defined as and includes all properties in and the residents of the following areas: Benton St., Boone St., Clay Ct., Covington St., Crawford St., Decatur St., DuBois St., Elkhart St., Floyd Ct., Gibson Ct., Hamilton St., Jasper St., Jennings Ct., Jennings St., LaGrange St., Laporte St., Morgan St., Newton Ct., Noble Ct., Pike St., Putnam St., Ripley Ct., Shelby Ct., Spencer Ct., Steuben Ct., Sullivan St., Vigo Ct., Warrick St., and Whitley Ct.
  4. STRUCTURE: The Association shall be comprised of the General Membership and the Executive Board.
    1. Membership is open to residents and shall be granted to any resident who has paid dues for the current calendar year.
    2. Responsibilities of the general membership shall be:
      1. elect officers
      2. approve appointments to the Executive Board
      3. approve amendments to these bylaws
      4. establish current dues
      5. vote on any such issues as presented to the membership by the Executive Board
  6. DUES: The amount of yearly dues shall be set by the General Membership and collected by the Treasurer in September of each year.
  7. OFFICERS: Officers of the Association shall be President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.
    1. Election of Officers shall be at the last meeting of the fiscal year which shall be from September to August. All officers must be members of the Association.
    2. Term of Offices: One year term with no limit on re-election.
    3. When an elected officer or appointed board member is unable to complete their term, the board will appoint another association member to complete the term.
    4. Duties of the PRESIDENT shall be to:
      1. preside at all meetings of the Association
      2. develop the agenda for Board meetings
      3. serve as an ex-officio member of all committees
      4. serve as the official representative of the Association.
    5. Duties of the VICE-PRESIDENT shall be to:
      1. preside in the absence of the President
      2. develop programs for the meetings
      3. nominate and present to the General Membership a slate of officers and board appointments for election and approval each year
      4. be in charge of the street coordinator organization.
    6. Duties of the SECRETARY shall be to:
      1. keep minutes of all Board meetings and furnish copies to each member
      2. keep minutes of all Business meetings of the General Membership
      3. receive and file all correspondence of the Association.
    7. Duties of the TREASURER shall be to:
      1. collect and record all funds collected by the Association
      2. maintain bank accounts in the name of the Association and disburse funds as directed by the Board.
  8. EXECUTIVE BOARD shall consist of the elected Officers and the following appointed Board positions: Layout Editor, Circulation Editor, Historian, and Standing Committee Chairpersons. All appointed Board positions are volunteer positions solicited by the current Board and then approved by the General Membership. Terms of office is one year. All appointed Board members must be members of the Association.
    1. Duties of the EXECUTIVE BOARD shall be to:
      1. establish priorities, goals, and activities for the Association
      2. schedule all meetings of the Association
      3. schedule programs for the meetings of the Association
      4. direct the collection and disbursement of all funds
      5. appoint special committees or representatives as needed
      6. represent the Association at community or government meetings when appropriate
      7. nominate and present to the General Membership a slate of officers and board appointments for election and approval.
    2. Duties of the COMMUNICATIONS DIRECTOR shall be to:
      1. receive articles and compile into newsletter or email form
      2. email newsletters or send them to a service to print and mail paper newsletters/postcards
      3. check incoming email to the neighborhood email account and respond appropriately
      4. make appropriate updates to the UFNA website.
    3. Duties of the EVENTS COORDINATOR shall be to:
      1. organize volunteers for the annual events hosted by the Association
      2. assist Chairs of the events by sharing UFNA supplies and information on how to run and organize events from previous years.
    4. Duties and nature of STANDING COMMITTEES shall:
      1. be permanent committees established by the General Membership and the Executive Board
      2. deal with regular issues of the Association
      3. have the power to act independently within its own sphere of responsibility without instruction from the whole membership.
    1. encourage attendance at general meetings of the Association
    2. field compliments, complaints, and ideas from resident to the Executive Board.
    3. collect dues and crime watch information once a year at a designated time and turn over dues and information to the Treasurer.
    4. meet new residents, tell them about UFNA, direct them to the website at www.ufna.net and encourage them to send an email to universityfarmna@gmail.com so they can be added to the email list.
  10. SPECIAL COMMITTEES are established for specific tasks and cease to exist when tasks are completed. A motion from the General Membership and the Executive Board is made for the time allowed and whether the committee is empowered to take any action or just to report recommendations.
    1. General Membership Meetings shall:
      1. be held not less than two (2) times per calendar year.
      2. be held with no less than one week's prior notice of the meeting to the University Farm neighborhood residents.
    2. Executive Board Meetings shall:
      1. be held not less than four (4) times per calendar year
      2. meet with all board members having advance notice (in writing by the Secretary) of the meeting
      3. require a quorum of 50% of current Board members to conduct business.
    3. Attendance: All residents of University Farm neighborhood are welcomed to attend all General Membership meetings and all Executive Board meetings. Residents are not required to be members of the Association to attend meetings.
  12. VOTING:
    1. General Membership business meetings shall:
      1. allow one vote per current adult member
      2. decides votes by a simple majority of current members in attendance
      3. in the case of a tied vote, have the President cast the deciding vote.
    2. Executive Board meetings shall:
      1. have one vote per board member
      2. decide the votes by a simple majority of those Board members present
      3. in the case of a tied vote, have the President cast the deciding vote.
    1. The General Membership shall be informed in writing of the proposal to amend these bylaws and the date of the scheduled meeting at least one week prior to the meeting.
    2. The vote will be decided by a 2/3 majority of current members present.

First printing of these bylaws: December 1992
Second revised printing of these bylaws: June 1994
Third revised printing of these bylaws (with all current amendments included): August 2001